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In an ever-increasing globalised world, with the transfer of values and knowledge being a reality, languages and internationalisation of businesses have become powerful tools to enter new markets. Cultural awareness enhance the effectiveness of these tools in achieving better results. Nalmok Consulting brings to the market a unique package of services in the areas of economic cooperation, internationalisation and language solutions, providing customised solutions with a global perspective.
Some of our clients include: Chambre de Commerce et d’industrie du Togo, Private Sector Federation (Rwanda), Feira Internacional de Lisboa (Portugal), cities of Famalicão, Liverpool, Manchester et Lille, Université de Lille (France), Liverpool John Moores University (UK), Hope University (UK), LangCentre International (Niger), ISLA (Togo), Universidade do Minho (Portugal), CESPU (Portugal), AAC Têxteis (Portugal), Vieira de Castro (Portugal), Advice UK (UK), Evelyn Oldfield (UK), Reed In Partnership (UK), etc…

– Match making of partners and investment projects
– Market analysis;
– Participatory Needs Assessment with a strategy for internationalisation;
– Interpreting during business meetings and negotiations, and translation of contracts and other documents;
– Organising and assistance with trade missions (English, French and Portuguese speaking markets).

Economic Cooperation

– Needs assessment with a strategy for internationalisation;
– Building and maintaining economic cooperation between cities;
– Drawing up terms of references for the cooperation;
– Trade missions;
– Attraction of investment and skilled workforce;
– Capacity building for international relations.

Language Solutions

– Communications consultancy in English;
– English Action Learning (may be funded) in the work place (Executive English, Business English..);
– Interpreting during meetings and conferences
and translation of documents;
– Business Breakfast Meeting: practising English while having breakfast.

Our Commitment

Our Team

Komlan Gnamatsi

With a Master’s degree in economic diplomacy from the City University of London, a postgraduate diploma in management and a degree in socio-economic development studies, Komlan is an atypical and multilingual professional, very versatile and pragmatic. Having worked and lived in several countries, 20 years spent in London, he brings with him an excellent knowledge of the English language and culture and an exceptional understanding of multiculturalism and diversity, with the ability to facilitate, support and manage in these areas. 

Consultant, Trainer, Entrepreneur, Project Manager, Community Leader, Linguist, Social Researcher, he has developed projects in the areas of economic cooperation, internationalisation, project management, career coaching, employability, personal development, languages (training, interpreting/translation in English, French and Portuguese). He also works with Spanish, German and Italian. Excellent communicator and enthusiastic, Komlan is able to involve his interlocutors through humor and activities designed for maximum achievement and satisfaction.

– Social Innovation & CSR

– Project Officer

– Export Advisor
New Zealand

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